With the help of some friends, Kelly traverses from Sri Lanka, through Darjeeling, and into Assam, to get hands on with one of the oldest ingredients around: tea.
Kelly travels to Oaxaca, Mexico to roast agave with the mezcalleros and search for authentic Oaxacan peppers. Credits: Directed & Edited by Kelly Cox Produced by Kelly Cox Lucas Longacre Cinematography Karen Muciño 2nd cam/Audio Anthony O'Leary Lead song by Jacob D Cox Additional Music Provided by Jingle Punks In Original Fare, join Kelly Cox as she attempts to hunt, forage, and farm her way across the globe in search of the best ingredients our planet has to offer.
It's lobster season in New Brunswick, Canada! Kelly gets put to work on a commercial lobster boat before perfecting a summer cookout with Top Chef Jesse Vergen.

On this special episode Kelly surprises her mother with a culinary adventure to their homeland: Ireland. They tour along the picturesque coast to harvest mussels, learn how to make butter, and forage along the way to create the ultimate Ireland feast.

Piranha fishing, lady shamans, and anacondas -- oh my! Kelly heads down the rugged Amazon river to meet the people -- and the ingredients -- which have lived off the land without access to modern conveniences for centuries. Season 4 of The Original Fare begins now!

On this episode Kelly digs into what makes a cider by climbing trees to make one of her own. Join Kelly and Sean, owner of WildCraft Cider as they attempt to collaborate on making an Elderberry Perry spanning years and continents.

Kelly heads to the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon by way of motorcycle (which she's terrified of!). She uncovers a mix of women working hard to restore the land, and bring some of the best beef in the country to your plate.